Vancouver based speed demon Marco Banco of Tyrants Blood chatted with ABORT’s own metal writer Ruthless about their upcoming album and a little bit more. The band’s new release titled Into the Kingdom of Graves will be released July 1st, 2013 through Brazil’s Mutilation Records.

Ruthless: How does your new album differ from previous recordings?

MB: It’s heavier and faster than our previous work. We wanted to delve into darker themes and so we did. From the title of the album, Into the Kingdom of Graves, to the artwork by the great Paolo Girardi, we set up the concept and complexion of this album and its songs. So I believe that the entire package is relative to each other as a whole.

ABORT: Where do you get your inspiration for the music and lyrics?

MB: I’d say musically we are inspired by each other, which is as honest as I can be. Somebody always gets it started and then the rest of us fall in and start the fuckin’ engine, until it’s like world war three in that sweatbox and we’re deaf as death and grinning like maniacs. Then we just keep rolling until we drop an atomic bomb and the song is over.

ABORT: In a day and age where it is difficult to be considered original do you feel Tyrants Blood has a lot to offer?

MB: You know what, we play as we feel and we do whatever we want artistically as musicians within the realm of heavy music. So the end result to us is very rewarding and we hope to keep people interested. We really leave it all on the stage and in the rehearsal space and the studio till we don’t have anything left. So at the end of the day if people find a quality that they can connect to on whatever level that’s deadly, because no matter what we perform for the lust of creation, live music, metal and this thing we are a part of. We keep rolling on and on regardless of any status quo, trends or fashions. We are exactly as we want to be.


By: Ruthless


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