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Live Review: Method Man with CityReal, Sonreal and DJ K-Rec
Thursday March 7th, 2013
Commodore Ballroom

Thursday night in Vancouver brought the killah beez out to swarm in droves as Method Man headlined the Commodore Ballroom. One could expect eye-shaking bass drops and lots of throwing the W’s up in the air, and that’s exactly what Vancity got.

First up, Local superstar DJ K-rec managed to pump up the local crowd as he is known to do. With a solid set on the tech-decks and to slowly drunkening crowd proved to be a good way to get everyone lubricated for the rest of the nights festivities.

Cityreal (known to his grandmas as Remi Huot), had the crowd thicken up at the front of the barricade when he hit the stage, as expected. He has an uncanny ability to do this, and it should be noted by the music industry powers-that-be that Cityreal is the realdeal. It should also be noted that it was his third time playing the commodore in the last six months (since last Septembers Tech N9ne show, and last months Madchild homecoming), a feat that many a local act only aspire to do. Solid performance from him and a powerful EMCEE. City Real Gives it his all and knows how to work his image, attitude, and sound into something very cohesive.

Up next was other local boy SonReal who, besides the heckling from the back of the room, laid down a decent set that may have been more at place before Cityreal as opposed to afterwards. His set wavered in its duty to rile up the inebriated fans up sufficiently for a member of Wu of such high regard, but entertaining nonetheless.

Up last, the Iron Lung himself, the first famous member of the Staten Island Shaolin, and some how the biggest stoner in the room, Method Man. He blazed (pun intended) through classics we all needed to hear from his critically acclaimed first album TICAL (which was the sole rap mention on Kerrang’s annual “heaviest albums” list), such as “Bring the Pain” & “What the Blood Clot,” and also the Wu-Tang classics METHOD MAN,and CREAM, and then moved over to other classic Meth/Red collaborations such as “How High” and “How High 2,” and also singles such as “Da Rockwilder”, and club banger “Judgement Day.”

The man known to his parents as Clifford Smith is somewhat of a charismatic street profit, and controlling a capacity crowd has never been an issue for him. He expressed love for the Vancouver Canucks, and wasn’t afraid to share his BC smoke with his new friends in the crowd. He then endeared the crowd in some hyped up renditions of former cohort, the now deceased O.D.B.’s tracks off of his seminal record, Return to the 36 Chambers, such as Shimmy Shimmy Ya, and Brooklyn Zoo.

At a certain pint in the show, a young lady got on her boyfriends shoulders and took off her shirt, only to be hit with Meth’s drink and bail to a cheering crowd. Johnny Blaze spent half the show in the crowd, stage diving, and standing on concert goers, and starting up chants of “WU TANG” and “DEF JAM”.

The crowd got what they wanted, moved and smoked out, and considering that’s how Vancity tends to do it, you can be sure Meth will be back.

By Kevvy Mental


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