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Live Review: Marilyn Manson with Butcher Babies
Monday February 11th, 2013
Queen E Theatre

Amongst the hundreds of teens and twenty-thirty something’s (and at least one elderly lady) filing into the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, the dress code seemed to be two things: red, smeared lipstick, and torn stalkings, and that’s not including the girls. The usually-an-opera-house venue seemed fitting on this dreary Family Day for some wholesome, American family values to be bestowed upon us by the reverend himself.

Opening band The Butcher Babies hail from California, play the Sunset Strip often, and look like it. Dressing like a band from Penelope Spheeris’ Decline of Western Civilization anthology, they come across as a teenaged, Revolver-reading boys wet dream in sight and sound. The band was busy enough head banging that they didn’t notice the passive vancouver audience in the front not participating in their swamp metal, but kicked some ass regardless. The two front women, Heidi, and Carla, traded shrieks over blast beats and chanted anthemic chorus’ to the rafters, with lyrics like “There’s Blood Everywhere”.

Between bands the building fell into cheers, not because the Rev showed up, not because William Shatner was there (he allegedly was), but because of a heavy set female flasher with fire engine red hair entertaining the eager crowd with some flesh before the feast.

Supporting his new album, Born Villain, with new clientele, management, labels, and rumors of illness, no one in the capacity crowd was sure what to expect, but it was refreshing and exciting to see that the crowd was hungry for an artist/band that’s now been around for closing in on 3 decades. The air in the venue was electric.

And the lights went out. A black curtain dropped with a spotlight behind it so that the audience could see a 100 foot tall silhouette of Manson violently swinging a mic stand. The crowd went nuts and the band launched into a slimy rendition of “Hey, Cruel World…” and right into fan favorite ‘Disposable Teens’ where he dressed as a demonic pope in red, flowing robes and a hat to match. Considering he’s been labeled as a shock rocker many a review, it’s great to watch the show and realize how many great songs he’s got in his catalogue.

Hey, Cruel World…
Disposable Teens
The Love Song
No Reflection
The Dope Show
Rock Is Dead
Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode cover)
Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover) (With Hell outro)
Coma White
King Kill 33°
Antichrist Superstar
The Beautiful People

Regardless of Mansons bizarre choice of dance moves and gibberishy banter, the crowd loved every second and it was a great rock show with huge set design and a wardrobe change for every song.

As this writer boarded a cab to go home and write this article, the cab driver asked him what the show was. When I answered, his response was a pregnant pause and then he said: “Some people ain’t got no taste”

(I’m sure he wasn’t talking about you, Kevvy – Editor)

By Kevvy Mental


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