Left: Syd of Menu Skateshop – Right: Moses Itkonen of Red Dragon Apparel

We’re sitting here with Moses Itkonen, Red Dragon, ex Pro Skateboarder turned business man. CEO at the Red Dragon’s operations at Centre Distribution and Red Dragon Apparel

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Moses, we will get right into this.

ABORT Magazine: Moses, How has RDS been able to stay relevant over the years, what is the major contributing factor to your success as a company?

Moses Itkonen: Staying true to our roots in Skateboarding, giving back to the scene, supporting the younger generation of Canadian skateboarders coming up. Keep FSU’ing! (Fucking up the proverbial shit)

ABORT: How important is it to support not only the skate scene in Vancouver, but the arts as well?

MI:RDS Both are heavily intertwined. We’re stoked to help artists get a way to show their work on our products such as t-shirts. Always hyped to see musicians we’re down with wearing out gear too!

ABORT: How did Madchild initially become involved with the brand?

MI:RDS A few of our crew grew up with Mad Child and when Swollen was first blowing up we were growing our apparel brand too. We’ve helped them out with merch from time to time over the years.

Stay tuned for ISSUE 20 coming in March 2013, Featuring the FULL interview with Moses, as well as MANY MORE!

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