CD Review: Nephelium
Coils of Entropy

Listening to Nephelium’s Coils of Entropy for the first time is like stumbling upon a diamond hidden in plain sight. This relatively unknown death metal band based out of Toronto has surprisingly been ripping it up since the late 1990s but is only now releasing their debut album. Originally formed in Dubai, founding members Alex Zubair (guitars) and Alan Madhavan relocated the band to Toronto in order to expand their fan base and spread their “insidious gospel” to the masses. This decision has proven wise as Nephelium has already received considerable buzz for Coils of Entropy. Not too shabby considering the album hasn’t even dropped yet.

The first noticeable characteristic, besides the captivating cover artwork is the fact that this album’s run-time is 41 minutes. Might not seem out of the ordinary, but considering there’s only 6 tracks, it’s a bit intriguing for a death metal band. The first song, “Burial Ground”, foretells the impeccable drum work with an intro that features an off-kilter rhythm that’s sure to throw you for a bit of a loop. The rest of the song oscillates between moments of daring technicality and straight-forward, blast-beat driven, old school death. The nine minute juggernaut “Malediction” summarizes the album with brutal gutturals, tight rhythm guitar work, ethereal solos, meticulous stops and a progressively changing tempo. The incoherent growling at the end is a nice touch too.

With such an impressive debut, Nephelium is sure to become a fixture in the global metal scene. Grab a copy of Coils of Entropy and keep your eyes peeled on this up-and-coming band as it continues to shred faces and make a name for itself.


By Alxs Ness


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