Album Review – Fishbone
Crazy Glue EP
DC – Jam Records

Although not medically substantiated, the bite of a wolf spider and the music of Fishbone have something mysteriously in common, they both can cause tarantism, an uncontrollable urge to engage in frenzied and maniacal dancing. The difference between these two inflictions lies in the fact that one can quickly kill you while the other can pretty much cure whatever ails you, especially when administered live.  For a band that’s been performing dance floor filling, socially conscious funk/ska/punk since 1979, Fishbone’s latest EP entitled Crazy Glue is a testament to a band that can both infect you and cure you at the same time.

Besides being the epoxy responsible for keeping Fishbone together all these years, Crazy Glue is easily their best EP since their six song debut EP Fishbone was released in 1985. Thirty plus years of laying down the most impressive and expansive array of bone shaking, genre hopping hits has not affected Fishbone in the least. As introspective and humorous as ever, songs like “Deep Shit Backstroke” and “DUI Friday” explore themes of self preservation peppered with a fuck you attitude. Decidedly quirky and wonderfully orchestrated, “Gittin’ In That Ass” creates an early Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe while “Weed, Beer, Cigarettes” sheds light on the lunacy of our legal system by pointing out insanities such as “Medical cannabis clinics getting raided like a crack house.”

The obvious thing here (unless your ass is too busy housing your head  and preventing you from seeing) is that we live in a fucked up world with fucked up ideas and fucked up expectations.  No one lifts the veil and exposes narcissism and prejudice quite like Fishbone. Unlike the wolf spider’s deadly kiss, the only known cure for Fishbone’s infectious tarantism is to shut the hell up, appreciate what you have and just keep dancing.


By Grimm “Behavior Control Technician” Culhane


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