Album Review: Lil’ Wayne
Tha Carter IV
Cash Money/Young Money/UMG

Lil’ Wayne is seemingly everywhere. Although a brief trip to Rikers island put him outta the game for a minute, Weezy made sure that even though he was gone, he was not forgotten. From his frequent mix-tapes to his countless features on other rappers tracks there has been no shortage of the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive”.

Threatening to release his conclusion to Tha Carter series for more than a year now and even releasing numerous singles prematurely, the heavily anticipated C4 has finally arrived. Creating enough hype to fill a Rolls, the Young Money captain partly fills Tha Carter IV with club worthy bangers saturated with his usual razor sharp word play and guest appearances including Rick Ross, Drake and John Legend to name a few. Drake holds his own on “She Will” that has Wayne spitting in typical filthy form, “I like my girl thick/ Not just kinda fine/ Eat her till she cry/ I call that wine and dine” while tracks like “6 Foot, 7 Foot” ft. Cory Gunz and “John” ft. Rick Ross also fail to disappoint. Although these previously released singles may be some of the best C4 has to offer, “How To Hate” ft. T-Pain and “So Special” lack the same spark and originality.

On Jay-Z and Kayne West’s Watch The Throne, a little Birdman beef was brought to the surface. “You got Baby money/ You ain’t got my lady’s money” spits Jay-Z on H.A.M and well, nobody puts Baby in the corner. So Wayne teams up with Jadakiss and Drake and fires back on “It’s Good” to hit Hova exactly where it hurts. His woman and his dough. “Talkin’ ‘bout Baby money?/ I gotcha baby money/ Kidnap ya bitch/ Get that “How much you love ya lady?” money” Fair enough. You can’t fuck with Poppa B and get off easy.

Wayne is so confident in his rapping that he doesn’t need to write a track. He just spits, records and perfects. “Outro” ft. Bun B, Nas, Shyne and Busta Rhymes is proof of that tenacity where Weezy adds to his album a track he doesn’t even rhyme on. He just wants you to know that he’s so good that it’s not necessary for him to rap. So the one question that begs to be answered: Is the head heavy that wears the crown? I think not.

By Kassandra Guagliardi


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