CD Review –  The Birthday Massacre
Pins and Needles
Metropolis Records

The clock is ticking. Counting the minutes and seconds till you heart will be pierced with pins and needles to the sound of The Birthday Massacre’s new album. Chibi and Co. are easily and masterfully doing something that modern synth-rock simply seems to be incapable of: making music that can’t be confused with anything else. Literally, moments into the first song you already know how good this album will be for the next hour.

From the start, you may get a feeling that nothing has changed, but this is not true. The Birthday Massacre became a bit heavier. There is their usual drive (multiplied by two) and a strong scent of an instant classic in the air. Remember how “Red Stars” played over repeatedly in your head? Well, get ready for “Shallow Grave”and “Pale”. Tracks like these are something that can match their European counterparts, as Ontario’s industrial gem just keeps proving who is number one in North America.

The Birthday Massacre are unique because they play music that sinks in, almost like pop but is anything but, and while being unmistakable and distinct, still manages to be an unquestionable leader of the genre in the New World. Dreamy, romantic and heavy, songs like “Secret” and “Sideways” transfer you to a place where decades are merging, safely splitting you in pieces, allowing you to experience a multitude of emotions and moods at the same time. Topping it all off is “Pins and Needles”, a brilliant song, well-deserving the name of the album itself.

So yes, the clock is ticking. You might want to draw up a will, just in case you die of pleasure.

Pins and Needles is Available September 14th, 2010

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By Arceon


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