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Live Review – Living Legends w/ The Random Humans & Stoop Family
Monday, May 10th, 2010
Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, Canada

Upon entering the Biltmore Cabaret you are immediately set upon by the decor. Half burlesque hall and half hunting lodge, with a red and black velvet motif mixing it up with deer-head trophies and antlers you immediately get the feeling that some crazy shit could jump off within these walls. And crazy shit is exactly what jumped off as Living Legends took the stage. But the night started out with some local flavour – East-Van regulars Stoop Family, a local rap supergroup. Featuring Nigel “Denzel Washington” Mojica, Dave “Corvid” McCallum, Josh “The Fish” Fishman, and Joose holding it down on the micros plus the very talented K-Rec shredding wax on the back nine, Stoop Family charmed the bustling crowd of eight white guys in toques slowly nodding their heads right out of their pants with their laid-back attitude and tight raps. Next it was The Random Humans’ turn to try and coax the ninety-two people lounging to the sides to join their toque-wearing brothers on the floor.

With their smooth rhymes and beats plus their stage presence that seemed to say “we just wanna party” the Vancouver-by-way-of-Calgary, Alberta twosome just got up there and had fun, with their only flaw being not having a hype man to pump up the crowd properly. And pumped is what the crowd was as Living Legends strutted onto the stage. The crowd, now seemingly thrice the size it was before, surged to the floor as the boys from Cali quickly had them eating out of their hands, spitting rhymes so hard and true they would surely permanently damage their tongues were they normal men. Extolling that “three is the magic number, we’re the ones that made it past your border”, Eligh, Scarub, and Sunspot Jonz quickly set to work making the crowd forget that Luckyiam.PSC, The Grouch, MURS, Bicasso, and Aesop were back in Californ-i-a, most likely getting buck wild with the finest of ladies.

There’s swagger and then there’s these guys. Patrolling the stage like the Gods of Olympus, they threw rap lightning bolts into the crowd, slaying hip-hop hipsters left and right with beats so cool and rhymes to slick they slowly nodded their heads clean off their shoulders. Rocking hits like “Never Fallin’” and “Purple Kush”, Living Legends were pumping bass so nasty anyone in the room with a pacemaker is probably dead from having the vibrations flip the switch to “off”. They came on like gangbusters, almost appearing on stage as if from nowhere to rock the house and they left in a very similar manner with a “goodbye” and “we love you, Vancouver” before seemingly disappearing into the backstage, leaving everyone in the crowd begging for more.

By A.W. Reid


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