Never a band to conform to the norm, the name Rammstein instills fear in the hearts of men and has others running for the door when witnessing this 6-man wrecking crew performing live. With the original line-up still intact, the band has dropped their 6th album Lieve Ist Für Alle Da which hit stores on October 16th and has already been banned in Germany for its (apparent) graphic depictions of sadism. With CD sales reaching over 10 million + worldwide, a huge crossover fan base, and a new tour on the horizon, this will not stop the industrial metal kings in 2010. ABORT Magazine’s E.S. Day got a chance to speak with guitarist Paul H. Landers about the new album, the songwriting process and of course their controversial video for the lead single “Pussy”. Don’t forget to buy their “Just in time for Christmas” 6-dildo and handcuff box set.

E.S. Day: We are speaking with Paul H. Landers from Rammstein. How are you?

Paul Landers: Sehr gut, danke schoen!

ABORT Magazine: We’ll get right into it. First off, the current album that’s in stores now is your sixth album and it exploded on the Billboard charts. I need to know how to pronounce it!

PL: (speaking in Deutsch). Lieve Ist Für Alle Da.

ABORT Magazine: Oh fuck, forget it, I won’t even try that (laughs). And what does that mean?

PL: Love is for Everyone.

ABORT Magazine: Oh, fair enough.

PL: There’s an acronym. If you take the first letters, you get LIFAD, which means “supply” or “deliver”.

ABORT Magazine: And what is it that you are delivering? What message?

PL: (laughs) When we were thinking about the title for this album, that one came up, we went with it as a funny title, because it almost sounded like something from a regular pop artist. There’s a music style called “slager”, which is kind of folky, pop kind of music. It can also be like a name of a TV show on a sort of trashy station, like RTL.

ABORT Magazine: So, is it safe to say the band is almost making fun of themselves or are they taking a stab at the pop culture?

PL: It’s always difficult to come up with an album title, it’s a torturous process and that was the only one that came up, that we could agree upon. We do have a preference for titles like “Flash” or “Mother/Father”, but it just wasn’t the right choice this time.

ABORT Magazine: Ok. Now, this being the sixth album over a fifteen year period, I’m just going to guess that the songwriting process is a well thought one, the songs are well written and crafted. But specifically, did the band just go into the jam space and started banging out riffs or was it a shift to having a blueprint for the album? Were you really meticulous in writing it or was it just a natural occurrence?

PL: Oh, you’re actually really close with your assessment. It’s both. We got together, jammed, collected riff ideas and then took those, put them into the computer, trying to figure out which ones are worthy enough to make it into songs and then brought them back to the band space and played those to see which ones sound the best. It sounds easy as I’m saying this in the interview, but the process was way way more difficult, with the exception of the jam sessions, which were a lot of fun. It was a really tiresome, meticulous process putting the songs together.

ABORT Magazine: All right, fair enough. Now of course I have no choice but to touch upon the current video for “Pussy”, obviously, because you got fourteen-year-old boys across the world that clogged the web-site when we posted it (laughs). The question being, the making of the video, “Pussy”, had to be an experience. Were you uncomfortable being on the set with that? And were those body doubles or was the band having fellatio performed on them, which I have to say is a hell of a days work! (laughs)

PL: (Laughs) In the video it was all us but in the terms of close-ups of specific body parts – there were some body doubles.

ABORT Magazine: Oh, wow, because I’m pretty sure quite a few people think it must be nice to be in Rammstein right now (laughs). You know, go into work and fuck all day.

PL: (Laughs) It was really fun. Our drummer’s girlfriend initially came to the set and he ended up sending her home.

ABORT Magazine: How come?

PL: For the reasons named above.


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