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Beyond legendary and louder than everything else, the UK “Knights of The Loud Table” Motörhead; have driven a stake into the heart of modern rock and sucked its blood dry. What else can be said about its charismatic frontman and bass player Lemmy Kilmister, who shits Rock & Roll and refuses to wipe.

Heralded by many – imitated by none, this one of a kind Heavy Metal mercenary with the world’s most famous mutton chops, took the time to chat with ABORT Magazine’s E.S. Day over a buffet of Jack Daniels and Marlboro reds. Just what the doctor ordered.

E.S Day: E.S. Day here for ABORT Magazine we are sitting here with the one and only, Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead how are you sir?

Lemmy Kilmister: Hello boys and girls!

ABORT: The boys are currently on tour, well…still supporting Motorizer, your 24th fucking album! Jesus Christ – no rest for the wicked!.

Lemmy: Well the wicked never rest for anything.

ABORT: First off, new album: when are we looking at [a new one] and how far off?

Lemmy: We are going in the studio in February to rehearse, write and record.

ABORT: On SPV (Motorhead’s current label) again?

Lemmy: Uh, well they just went bankrupt.

ABORT: Oh! That why we’re not getting a call back for interview requests – I see… we we’re speaking with a girl named (name withheld) before, to handle our requests.

Lemmy: Yeah I think she’s still there, but they’re winding down now.

ABORT: Well then where is Motorhead going to be laying down now?

Lemmy: Well there’s a company who will be taking over the whole stable soon, but I can’t tell you right now.

ABORT: Of course…fucking jesus! Alright then I understand. (laughs)

Lemmy: Yes, the secrets.

ABORT: Oh yeah, gotta have the secrets.

Lemmy: Industrial espionage you know

ABORT: Yeah. Mikkey Dee is back in the drum throne, he finally got booted off that show “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me the Fuck Out of Here” or whatever it’s called, in Malaysia – in the meantime, you had (Velvet Revolver/Ex-Guns n’ Roses drummer) Matt Sorum filling for about 11 dates, how did that work out? Did he get the set down ok?

Lemmy: Yeah he was good.

ABORT: Well I’m sure, as he grew up listening to Motorhead, but it’s nice to have Mikkey back?

Lemmy: Yeah, he knows all the stuff

ABORT: (Laughs) I guess he does. More importantly, I have been dying to ask – Lemmy: The Movie. New film/documentary, I saw the trailer, I’ am fucking excited, now do you endorse this? Do you get final say on this?

Lemmy: Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.

ABORT: Is this going to get a theatrical release?

Lemmy: Yeah, well they are going to premiere it in Austin, Texas

ABORT: Oh, at the South By Southwest Conference.

Lemmy: Yeah.

ABORT: That reminds me of another band like you or Motorhead that was long overdue in getting a film made about them and that’s Anvil.

Lemmy: Yeah they’re great.

ABORT: I mean there is 2 bands who really deserve to have the camera pointed at them for a documentary,  I mean besides fucking journalists and that bullshit…

Lemmy: (Turns to ABORT photographer Scott Alexander) He just said you were bullshit (laughs)

Scott Alexander: (laughs)Don’t worry I get that all the time.

More on the Lemmy documentary, remembering Girlschool’s Kelly Johnson and more in Issue 14 of ABORT – Dec. ’09





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