(Photos- Ajani Charles)

(ABORT EXCLUSIVE) – Recently, while on assignment for ABORT Magazine on the set of recording artist, Sean Paul’s latest (Little X directed) music video, the musician revealed to ABORT’s Ajani Charles that he would be launching his own clothing line during the summer of 2010—a clothing line which he has been designing himself (for the last year or so).

The clothing line will be entitled “SP”, an obvious acronym for the recording artist’s stage name.

“At first I was somewhat skeptical in regards to Sean Paul’s capacities to design a clothing line” says Charles, “but as he told me more about what the clothing line would entail and how he has gone about designing [it], I found myself more and more interested”.

According to Sean Paul, “SP” will initially involve the artist drawing (by pen) illustrations of recognizable flora, fauna, as well as other images that are aesthetically pleasing and of particular significance or interest to [him] on various articles of clothing.

Once these images have been finalized and drawn on demo versions of “SP” clothing, he will then hire an embroiderer to create cleaner and embossed versions of the aforementioned hand-drawn images, on articles of clothing that will be mass-produced and available to the public.

With his impressive hands-on, grassroots and organic approach to designing “SP”, we were even more impressed at how visually pleasing his illustrations were especially for an individual who is recognized for his musical prowess as opposed to his abilities as a visual artist.

Even the logo for “SP” is captivating, at a visual level.

“SP” will be available in the Caribbean, as well as in other parts of North America by the summer of 2010 and we anticipate that it will be a successful venture for the artist, not only as a result of Sean Paul being one of the most eminent figures in Dancehall music (due to his cross-over success and mass appeal), but also due to his personal and unique approach to designing “SP”.


By Ajani Charles

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