2009: Too degrading to show here


What was to be an apparent knock off of Esquire Magazine, Swank was born from the mind of Victor Fox, it had moved from publisher to publisher until it  landed in the lap (no pun) of the Magazine Management Company better known today as Marvel Comics. Yes, the home of Iron Man was also the home to the “Iron Cocks of America Club” and kids everywhere were stalking corner store newsstands, trying to penetrate the plastic-wrapped journey into bathroom bohemianism. You can also include half the staff of ABORT. Well, maybe just 3 of us.

It had also been known for employing the Oscar(R) Winning screenwriter of The Godfather – Mario Puzo, as an in-house writer. Publishing group Magna finally bought the publication along with Stag in 1993 from Charles Goodman (son of Marvel founder Martin Goodman).

Today the magazine derives most of its revenue from online ventures (of course), and 60 years later is filthier than Esquire could ever have imagined.

Turns out the publishers are the real whores.

By E.S. Day

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