CD Review- Fuck the Facts
Disgorge Mexico
Relapse Records

Ottawa’s experimental grindcore trio, Fuck the Facts, is back with their newest release Disgorge Mexico. With the vast amount of touring that these guys have done over the past two years, it’s amazing that they’ve somehow found the time to write and record a full-length album. What’s even more surprising is the notable improvement in both their songwriting and overall sound from their previous Stigmata High-Five (2006).

With its pronounced use of catchy riffs, breakdowns and progressive elements, Disgorge Mexico stands as a great cross over album for those who generally don’t listen to grindcore. They’ve created a great mix here with the classic Fuck the Facts trademarks – frenzied riffs, noise and abrupt changes in style- while including melodic elements that provide an ‘in’ for those that need a groove to bang their heads to.

Besides kick ass music, the CD contains some great multimedia bonus features. These include an obscure and hypnotizing bonus track titled “Vangorge”, an equally strange and entertaining five minute documentary “The Making of Disgorge Mexico” and some entries from Topon Das’ (guitars, bass) journal. As these features are not advertised they make for a nice surprise when the CD is played on a computer. If you like surprises, be sure to forget the above comments.

A mainstay in Canadian underground metal, Fuck the Facts rocks the socks off of stunned metalheads across Canada and beyond.  With a powerful female growler (Mel Mongeon) and an unconventional compositional technique, they continue to push the boundaries of both their musicianship and the genre itself. If you are looking for a serious, “tear the jugular vein out of your neck and throw it at the wall” type female fronted band, then you really need to check these guys out!

By Alxs Ness 

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