DVD Review- Hatebreed
Live Dominance

Hatebreed are by far one of hardcore’s most prominent bands. Known for their straight-up, no bullshit lyrics and brutal yet catchy riffs, they have definitely become a household name in metal, whether you love them or hate them. To commemorate their current line-up as well as to honor how far they’ve come since their inception, Hatebreed are releasing Live Dominance- set to hit the shelves September 2nd, 2008.

Although it can be interesting to watch a band DVD full of behind the scenes antics and chaos, Live Dominance disc one is pure live performance without any filler. Filmed March 29th, 2008 at Harpo’s in Detroit, the footage here without a doubt backs up Hatebreed’s reputation for having notoriously brutal shows; the entire venue is basically one giant mosh pit.  The cameras do a great job of representing the band’s powerful performance and their experience onstage as well as the audience reactions and experiences in the pit. Because there’s no talking besides the banter between vocalist Jamey Jasta and the audience, this disc plays through as a killer collection of tracks from Under the Knife (1996) through to Supremacy (2006).

The second disc contains mainly behind the scenes type stuff and some additional live footage. On this disc, Jamey Jasta, Chris Beattie (bass), Sean Martin (guitar) and Matt Byrne cover much of the band’s history and their relationship with their fans. Newer member Frank ‘3 Gun’ Novinec also gives his take on the band and their work ethic. This disc is definitely intended for the diehard fans and/or those who are interested in the philosophy and motivation behind Hatebreed. One standout feature is the tattoo gallery which showcases fan art. This segment, showing art that runs in quality from top of the line tattoo shops, to back alley type work is a nice shout back to the fans who are so dedicated to the band that they would have their logo and lyrics permanently drilled into their skin.

Overall Live Dominance has a bit of something for everybody; a solid live show with great quality sound as well as more personal, one on one type moments with the band.  Besides the excitement associated with the fact that this is the first DVD Hatebreed has ever put out, it’s truly a great quality addition to any metal DVD/audio collection.  


 By Alxs Ness

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